The Richmond Hair Studio (formerly named the Richmond Beauty Salon) has been a Westboro neighbourhood institution, and landmark on Richmond Road, since 1923. It's Westboro's oldest and most storied hair studio. Just as styles and fashion have evolved over the years, so has the Richmond Hair Studio. Long gone are the row of Sunbeam dome dryers. The premises has seen several updates and renovations throughout the years, including a recent exterior update in the summer of 2018.

Today under the proprietorship of Joanne Davis, the Richmond Hair Studio continues to make magic for our clients as a full service hair salon. We are staffed by a team of professional stylists with expertise in the latest techniques and styles. Each of our styling staff has a minimum of 10 years of experience in cutting and coloring.

At the Richmond Hair Studio we feel sculpting a head of hair with scissors is an art form. It's a pursuit of art, but an art form that needs to be tempered to the needs and wants of the client. We cut shape into the hair, and use it like fabric and take away everything that is superfluous. We exist to give our clients the look they desire.